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Seaport Enhanced Contract  
Functional Area 20: Program Support

At the organizational level, we provided support to e-Services upper management to oversee and perform fiscal control and at the project level specific Operation & Maintenance activities. Expertech performed the following activities in support of e-Services upper management:

         Provided e-Services management with appropriate visibility into the performance of e-Services Project activities relative to compliance with applicable laws, IRS policies, established standards, and Business System Modernization approved directives, processes and procedures.

         Provided e-Services management with independent assessments of the acceptability of the Information Technology (IT) processes implemented on the e-Services Project and all resulting products.

         Promoted improvement in the effectiveness of e-Services processes and their supporting tools, techniques, standards, and procedures.

Expertech performed the following activities in support of specific project tasks:

         Monitored teamís adherence to CMMI Level 3 methodology.

         Anticipated problems, recommended corrections to IRS, and delivered tasks on budget and in a timely manner.

         Monitored teamís adherence to the ELC, oversaw release management, testing and system integration of e-Services enhancements.

         Estimated OM&E efforts necessary for e-Services to meet IRS business needs and requirements.

         Maintained a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) of all project activities and schedule.

         Oversaw the maintenance of a project library (documents, deliverables, key emails, etc.), and a tracking system to follow-up and control key concerns and decisions, project related milestones, as well as, Defect Resolutions, Change Requests, etc.

         Participated in all project-related meetings, made required presentations and interfaced with IRS managers. Participated in all project-related meetings, made required presentations and interfaced with IRS managers.

Robins AFB Program Management Support: Under our contract with the US Air Force, Expertech provided Program Management of the day-to-day efforts of IV&V engineering support tasks, and Expertechís Program Manager (PM) acted as the sole point of contact for the Government in technical/engineering matters. The PM worked with the Engineers to ensure that the system design of the TPS optimizes performance capabilities while minimizing technical/cost/schedule risks and life cycle costs. TPS Developers monthly Status Reports were reviewed for issues that may affect schedule, cost, and/or allocation of resources. We monitored these areas with clear metrics to ensure our client received the best support possible. The PM had frequent interactions with the client and our employees to ensure consistent and complete support. Periodic project reviews were held with senior management to review cost, schedule, and performance. Program Management Reviews (PMRs) were periodically accomplished with our client to ascertain any actual or possible program risk caused by deviation from the contract requirements. Bi-monthly status reports were delivered that included status on the contract funds expended, funds remaining and concerns/issues.

Afilon Capabilities/Experience
Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
Configuration Management (CM) Support
Quality Assurance (QA) Support
IS/IA/IT - Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support
Program Support

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